Assortment of vintage cameras and novelty radios

Vintage 60's General Telephone space saver wall phone in green

Assorted Hull and other pottery

Several set of silverplate flatware

Lot of silver plated items

24 inch store paper roller

Pair of childs folding chairs

Candlestick phone

wooden box wall telephone with shelf

Bulk Lots

50+ New Old Car Parts - $50.00

Over fifty (50) boxes of new car iginition parts, Voltage Regulators, Distributor Caps, Rotors, Generator Brushes, , Resistor, Oil Pressure Switch, Stoplight Switch, Condensers, Point Sets, fit cars from 20's to mid 70's

Dealers Are Always Welcome

Thousands of every changing item to choose from stop by and check out our current inventory

48 Goodyear Timing Belts - $50.00

48 New Goodyear Gatorback timing belts, assorted sizes, some with idler pulley and spring

350 Vacuum Tubes - $35.00

350 used vacuum tubes from radios, TV's

3 Buckets Pool & Cue Balls $30.00

3 buckets of pool, snooker, billiard and cues balls, several hundred

10 Red-1 RM-18 Sleeves - $25.00

10 Red-1 RM-18 Shrink water roller dampener sleeves for offset press

140+ Pencil Sharpeners $140.00

About every miniature die-cast object you can think of from cars, planes, cannons, globes, boots, lanterns, trains, sewing machines, etc.

150+ Souvenir Spoons $150.00

Great Assortment of souvenir spoons from states and places around the world

100 Vintage Button Hooks $100.00

Large selection of vintage button hooks, advertising, silver, bone, ivory, mother of pearl, wood and metal handles